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About Us
      HardShoot™ Personal Protection utilizes our agents experiance in military (Special Operations), Law Enforcement, and Security operations to provide our clients with complete and unmatched comprehensive security service world-wide. With over 40 years combined experiance, our agents are trained to detect, deter, and respond to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local and international laws. Our client base derives from government officials, foreign dignitaries, professional atheletes, entertainers, and corporate executives.
HardShoot™ Personal Protection agents all have backgrounds in the following:

  • Military Special Operations (75th Ranger Regiment, 1st SFOD, Special Forces, MARSOC, Navy SEAL's)
  • Law Enforcement ( SWAT, DEA, FBI, HRT, SRT)
  • Diplomatic Security (CONUS, OCONUS)
  • Executive Protection ( CONUS, OCONUS)
  • Department of State World Wide Personal Protection Services
  • Government Intelligence Collection and Analysis ​​​​​
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